From the World of the Arts to the World of Business and the Professions

Steve Wedan, IAP’s master instructor, is an award-winning, highly experienced trainer with an extensive background that spans over 30 years in university teaching and staSelf portraitge production.

Wedan brings valuable and unique presentation techniques to today’s professional and executive leader. Tapping his experience as an actor and performance coach, Wedan teaches others how to incorporate proven, creative elements used by professional actors to motivate an audience.

Whether they’re bringing a keynote presentation or a message by video, Wedan helps CEOs and managers engage and persuade their audiences to action.

Wedan has taught on the faculties of University of Florida, Sweet Briar College, Liberty University, and Middle Tennessee State University. InterActing Power!® techniques were tested and perfected through Wedan’s leadership with business and drama students at these schools.

The result is a self-contained system that works in any circumstance requiring communication!

4322 Harding Pike
Suite 417
Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: 615.777.8558


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